So I read a romance novel…and I liked it

I’d been thinking about giving romance novels another shot because I had turned into a little bit of a literary snob but yet so many women that I admire, intelligent women, really love their romance novels. Some of them even write them! But considering I haven’t picked up a romance book since I was like 14 and snagging my mom’s Danielle Steel novels off of the bookshelf, I didn’t know where to start. Somehow I discovered Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, followed it for a while, and when the opportunity to review a book for them came along, I jumped on it in the hopes that this would give me a good excuse to dive into the genre.

So here it is, my review of Beautiful Disaster as it appeared on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

The summary:     

Mia Wells’s eco-friendly career goals are about to become a reality-but her life-altering moment is interrupted when an unexpected call ushers in her tremulous past. A man who’s never left Mia’s memory: Flynn, the enigmatic, passionate man whose disappearance broke her heart, has mysteriously resurfaced.

Now back in her life and in the hospital, Flynn is gravely injured. Mia keeps a bedside vigil- terrified that he will die, awestruck at the prospect of his survival. In a story filled with sweetness and suspense, Mia’s what-ifs are endless. And Flynn’s return ignites an achingly powerful tale about the most enduring love, one that is greater than honor, or friendship, or the passing of time.

And here is April’s review:

Before I share my thoughts about Beautiful Disaster, I feel like I should probably mention that romance isn’t really my genre of choice. While I do like to indulge on occasion, which is why I check Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for recommendations, I’m more of a transgressive fiction girl myself. So what you’re getting is an honest opinion from a reader with no preconceived notions.

Having said that, Beautiful Disaster is an excellent choice for someone like me who doesn’t really have any expectations when it comes to plot, characters, or dialogue. In fact, I’d say that this story is just as much a suspenseful thriller as it is a romance novel. I mean it’s got everything from serial killers to shady business deals. Oh and a little bit of steamy sex thrown in, of course.

Flynn, the main (male) character, is everything you’d expect of a typical Bad Boy, right down to the tattoos and motorcycle. But he’s a Bad Boy with a secret past, a past that college co-ed Mia doesn’t seem to concerned about but that Roxanne, Mia’s snobby BFF, can’t seem to let go. Without relying too heavily on stereotypes, author Laura Spinella manages to create characters who breathe enough to make you want to either hug them or smack them. (Seriously, Roxanne? I wanted to reach through my Kindle and strangle her. Just how bitchy and controlling can a brilliant doctor with pageant princess looks be? And Mia’s husband Michael? Let’s just say that it’s easy to see why she was still in love with someone else.)

The story of Beautiful Disaster flips back and forth between the present, when Flynn ends up unconscious in the ER, and the past, when Flynn first rides his way into Mia’s life and into her heart. The transition from then to now and back to then is pretty seamless. There are a few plot twists that seem a little far-fetched at first but, by the end, they are all tied up with a slightly disheveled bow.

Overall, Beautiful Disaster was an enjoyable and exciting read, a solid A- in my book. If Laura Spinella can create something this riveting as a debut novel, I’m looking forward to whatever she has to offer in the future.